HFA 23: IRONMAN: Reasons for Hospitalisation and Biomarkers

Published: 24 May 2023

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ESC-HFA 23 - Prof John Cleland (University of Glasgow, UK) joins us onsite to discuss the IRONMAN trial (NCT02642562). 

IRONMAN was a randomised, open-label multicenter trial, which aimed to assess the effectiveness of intravenous iron in patients with heart failure and iron deficiency as compared to standard care. It demonstrated that the administration of IV FDI was associated with lower rates of recurrent heart failure hospitalisations and cardiovascular death. 

In this interview, Prof Cleland dives deeper into the data, providing updates on the reasons for hospitalisation and the mode of death across patients with HF and iron deficiency enrolled in the trial. Results suggest a significant reduction of all-cause hospitalisation, including respiratory infections and acute kidney injury. He also shares the data on the iron biomarkers that indicated response in patients, noting a rise in haemoglobin with the introduction of IVF FDI. 

Interview Questions: 

  1. Can you please briefly remind us of the IRONMAN Trial?
  2. Can you tell us about the sub-studies that you presented at HFA 23?
  3. What questions remain unanswered?

Recorded on-site at HFA 23, in Prague.

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Editors: Jordan Rance and Mirjam Boros
Video Specialists: Tom Green


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