ESC-HFA 2024: Late-Breaking Science Video Collection

Published: 14 May 2024

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Discover the latest heart failure data from impactful trials and studies presented at the Heart Failure Association’s annual congress, Heart Failure 2024

Dive deep into novel data with in-depth and critical discussions led by Late-breaker host Dr Harriette Van Spall and her expert guests. 

For quick and practical summaries of the late-breaking trials, watch our 5-minute Expert Interviews conducted with the investigators.

About the episode

Join experts, Dr Harriette Van Spall (McMaster University, CA) and Dr Mark Petrie (University of Glasgow, UK) for an insightful wrap up of the novel data presented at 2024's Heart Failure Congress.

00:24 - STEP HFpEF Programme: Semaglutide 2.4 mg and NTproBNP in obesity-related HFpEF & Semaglutide therapy and diuretic use in obesity-related HFpEF
02:20 - EMPACT-MI: The effect of empagliflozin after acute myocardial infarction in patients with and without diabetes
04:16 - EASY-HF: Readily available urinary sodium analysis in patients with acute decompensate Heart Failure
07:16: - Design and baseline characteristics of FINE-HEART: an integrated pooled analysis of finerenone in >19,000 participants across 3 phase III trials of HF & CKD
08:17 - Pooled Analysis of PACT-HF: Long-term sex-specific clinical outcomes and healthcare resource utilization following hospitalization for heart failure
10:12 - Cardiovascular burden of the amyloidogenic V1421 transthyretin variant in black individuals
12:32 - TITRATE-HF: Contemporary guideline-directed medical therapy sequencing and titration in de novo, worsening, and chronic heart failure

Recorded on-site at HFA 2024, Lisbon.

Support: This is an independent discussion produced by Radcliffe Cardiology.

Faculty Biographies

Harriette Van Spall

Harriette Van Spall

Associate Professor of Medicine, Director of E-Health and Virtual Care

Dr Harriette Van Spall is an Associate Professor of Medicine and cardiologist and serves as Director of E-Health at McMaster University, Canada. She completed her medical and postgraduate clinical training at the University of Toronto and earned a Master of Public Health degree at Harvard University, US. Dr Van Spall is a Canadian Institutes of Health Research-funded clinical trialist and researcher with a focus on heart failure, health services, and health disparities.

She has garnered more than $4 million in research funding, has won several research awards, and has published her work in high-impact medical journals. She is an invited speaker, media correspondent, and editorial board member active in peer review at several high-impact medications journals and grant funding agencies, including Canadian Institutes of Health Research and Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.

Dr Van Spall is an Editorial Board…

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Mark Petrie

Mark Petrie

Professor/Honorary Consultant (Institute of Cardiovascular & Medical Sciences)

Prof Mark Petrie is Professor of Cardiology in the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences at the University of Glasgow, UK. Prof Petrie started his studies as an undergraduate at Edinburgh University, before training in cardiology in Glasgow. He worked as a heart failure and interventional cardiologist for many years before transferring to the University of Glasgow in 2016.

Prof Petrie's research interests focus on diabetes and cardiovascular disease in heart failure, structural intervention and revascularization in heart failure, peripartum cardiomyopathy, microvascular disease in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction, postmyocardial infarction cardiac remodeling, iron in heart failure, and cardio-oncology. While Prof Petrie has many research interests, he also takes pleasure in mentoring future high-caliber cardiologists and has supervised many outstanding individuals during their PhDs and MDs.

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