CFR - Volume 5 Issue 2 Summer 2019

CFR - Volume 5 Issue 2 Summer 2019
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Professors Andrew Coats and Giuseppe Rosano, Dr Cristiana Vitale and the Editorial Board present Volume 5 Issue 2 of Cardiac Failure Review.

This issue features a range of articles on major areas of advance in heart failure from renowned experts. This issue on clinical syndromes and the impact and therapy of selected comorbidities commonly seen in the heart failure (HF) patient. Highlights include landmark trials of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors in HF from the perspective of the more elderly patient, symptom-based HF management, the treatment of patients following hospitalization for acute decompensated HF, evidence for seasonal peaks in the incidence of and hospitalizations for HF and recent trials of telemonitoring in HF care.

The Editorial Team and Publisher hope you find this issue of CFR valuable.



Citation: Cardiac Failure Review 2019;5(2):68–9.
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