HFA 24: Treatment Benefit Consistency of Remote Hemodynamic Monitoring in CHF: MONITOR-HF Subgroup Analysis

Published: 13 May 2024

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HFA 24 - We are joined by Dr Jasper J Brugts (Erasmus University Medical Centre, NL) to discuss the findings of a predefined subgroup analysis of the MONITOR-HF study (NTR7672).

MONITOR-HF was an open-label, randomised trial, done in 25 centres in the Netherlands. Eligible patients had chronic heart failure of New York Heart Association class III and a previous heart failure hospitalisation, irrespective of ejection fraction. Patients were randomly assigned (1:1) to haemodynamic monitoring (CardioMEMS-HF system, Abbott Laboratories) or standard care. Findings presented at Heart Failure 2023 showed PA-guided therapy in addition to SoC with contemporary GDMT resulted in a significant improvement in quality of life and substantial reduction in total HFHs. 

This analysis investigated all clinically relevant endpoints in patients with chronic heart failure in predefined subgroups of age, gender, ejection fraction, etiology, atrial fibrillation, diabetes and ICD therapy. There were also exploratory subgroups for obesity, renal function and NTproBNP levels. The patient's quality of life, heart failure hospitalisations and mortality were assessed as endpoints. Findings showed an overall consistent treatment effect of PA-guided therapy in patients with chronic heart failure across all predefined and exploratory subgroups.

Interview Questions:

  1. What is the importance of this subgroup analysis?
  2. Could you remind us of what we already know from MONITOR-HF?
  3. What was the study design and patient population of this predefined subgroup analysis?
  4. What were the key findings?
  5. What do these findings add to the data we already know from MONITOR-HF?
  6. What are the next steps?

Recorded on-site at HFA 2024, Lisbon.

Support: This is an independent interview conducted by Radcliffe Cardiology.

Editor: Jordan Rance
Video Specialist: Tom Green, Oliver Miles
Interviewer: Jonathan McKenna


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